The Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen 2009 Race was concluded on 11-28-09. We used 4 High Def cameras to shoot the race through all 13 “official” hills, and most of the other hills in between. This DVD is a bit different than the pure "virtual cycling" rides that Global Ride is known for, but it still has the distinct purpose of training cyclists, and being conducive for indoor cycling or Spinning® classes as well as the individual training at home. The DVD has been structured as an Interval Training workout. Each hill lists the percentage grade range and average, along with visible timers for the length of each climb and recovery period. This training DVD though, is not for the casual rider (unless they break it up to 2 or more workout sessions). It is 1 hour and 50 minutes long, with an optional coaching track that is designed to push you to the top of each climb. In reality, the average cyclist may never experience what it takes to do The Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen, but it’s likely this DVD will come as close as it gets. This DVD is a Livestrong Grass Roots fund raising project. $20 of the $25 goes directly to Livestrong account #248779312 at

The Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen

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