This box set is the complete France Series of DVDs: Club Ride, Paceline and TDF (Tour De France) Cycling in France. You can ride to the structured coaching of world triathlon champion Fiona Ford or join Gene & Tom for the first ever Team Coaching for Global Ride. The box set offers a unique story line that flows from one DVD to the next. This series also includes 3 different 30 minute bonus workouts too: Pilates, Yoga & Strength Training for cyclists & triathletes. That's 3 workouts per DVD! That's 9 workouts for the box set! On a cost per workout, it doesn't get any better than that. For details about each DVD, read the details on their respective pages. This clearly gives you the biggest bang for the buck, and you get a cool collector's box making it an ideal gift.

France Rides 3 DVD Box Set

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