France series virtual cycling DVDs: TDF Climbing in France
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TDF Climbing in France features two of the most climbed mountain passes of the Tour de France - the Col de la Columbiere (20x) and the Col des Aravis (39x). Come and ride the culmination of 3 days of training in the French alps by knocking down a climbers dream. Four distinct climbs, with the two finishers on the exact road ridden by the Tour de France just 2 days after we finished filming on the Columbiere. This DVD is not for the weak, you need to be clicked in and ready to take this challenge head on. The scenery is always better when your looking at it from the top.

Section 1: Pre-flight Checklist (5 minutes)
We?ll spend the first 5 minutes mentally and physically preparing for what?s in store for us today. We will mentally go over what needs done while our bodies and our heart become a team and help us work through what we are about to take on. Ready?

Section 2: Prime the Legs (8 minutes)
Having the right frame of mind, we settle into an 8 mile climb with just enough grade to prime the legs for the double challenge that is yet to come. This DVD is suppose to help train you and prepare you for your future rides or races. You need to do the same in this segment by getting your legs under you and finding a way to prep them for the ultimate test.

Section 3: Big Climb, Big Heart (9 minutes)
As we begin the first of two monster climbs (Col des Araves), we must stay with the leaders, or we will have to dig deep to find the courage and conviction to claw our way back to the pack. This DVD will not allow you to fall off. We coach you right through your tough times, when your leg muscles are burning and your heart is pounding heavier and heavier...this is why you train with us!

Section 4: Road of Champions (32 minutes)
There could be no bigger finish for the France series than a 16km climb up the Col de la Columbiere. Experience the ebb and flow of pace and power as we conquer this epic climb tackled 20 times in the Tour De France. Take yourself mentally through the preparation that has brought you to this point. Its all or nothing now. Find the strength and we will provide the encouragement to push you right to the end.

Bonus Section: Strength Training for TriAthletes
Consistent with all Global Ride DVDs, we provide a 30 minute bonus section or cross training following the cycling.

Coaching Tracks
Since the first DVD made in Hawaii, Global Ride has been providing coaches from all over the world to help you get the most out of these virtual rides. Each coach having their own style and objectives. With the France series you can ride to the DVD's Featured Coach, Fiona Ford, a British Triathlon coach, National Championship and International Gold medallist for World & European Triathlon, Aquathlon & Duathlons.

This DVD also explores a bit of role-playing to help transport the rider into the scene both mentally and visually. For a different coaching track, Gene Nacey & Tom Scotto play two coaches out for a ride with their students, each vying for open spots with Triathlon Europe.

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Groove State
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Sam Walkertone featuring Francis Matthew
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