France series virtual cycling DVDs: Paceline Cycling in France
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Treat yourself to a perfect ride at the base of the French alps. Two steady 20 minute efforts separated by a 5 minute recovery will provide lots of training scenarios and objectives with this DVD. Did we mention you were at the base of the FRENCH ALPS? Stay focused on your training, not just the beautiful scenery.

Section 1: Here's the Plan (5 minutes)
Given the two twenty minute segments that are upcoming, this 5 minute ride segment completes the warmup and helps to prepare the mind for the workout ahead. With a very relaxing rhythm, you will prepare your body for the next phase of the ride and be ready to attack when the time comes.

Section 2: Paceline Sustainability (20 minutes) 
TriAthletes often are not accustomed to pacelining, yet it offers superb training opportunities and is a great way to add base-building miles early in the season. Watch and learn how to properly paceline or use this as the first of 2 power tests for FTP or Sustainable cycling power. The old adage ?slow and steady, wins the race?, is the best way to describe this section. These vital building blocks will serve you more down the road. Concentrate on an even pace and your training will take effect.

Section 3: Recovery is Not a Race (5 minutes)
Whether you are riding a steady state, tempo or power ride on this terrain, this section will help you recover and prepare mentally and physically for the next 20 minute effort. Every race has zones. There are zones to attack in and zones to recover. Keeping to design of this DVD will help train your heart to be more powerful when you need it.

Section 4: Hanging On (20 minutes)
By the time you hit the second 20 minute segment, you may find yourself trying to keep from falling off the back of an the ever increasing paceline. Our riders will lead you home, but it?s up to you to keep up the pace and hang on till the end. The time is now, keep those legs spinning and finish strong...your buying a training video, so don?t be afraid to push yourself hard in this part of the DVD. Stay with us right until the end!

Bonus Section: Yoga for TriAthletes
The limited range of motion and repetitive nature of Cycling can lead to over-use injuries as well as increasingly tighter leg muscles. As a bonus, Paceline Cycling follows the cycling time with an extra 30-minute Yoga section.

Coaching Tracks
Since the first DVD made in Hawaii, Global Ride has been providing coaches from all over the world to help you get the most out of these virtual rides. Each coach having their own style and objectives. With the France series you can ride to the DVD's Featured Coach, Fiona Ford, a British Triathlon coach, National Championship and International Gold medallist for World & European Triathlon, Aquathlon & Duathlons.

This DVD also explores a bit of role-playing to help transport the rider into the scene both mentally and visually. For a different coaching track, Gene Nacey & Tom Scotto play two coaches out for a ride with their students, each vying for open spots with Triathlon Europe squad.

Music By:
Eric M
Jeff Alford
The Atomica Project