France series virtual cycling DVDs: Club Ride in France
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Ideally suited for all-round cycling work, this DVD has a great story-line to it. You will encounter a long climb that lures out the two hammer heads of the group, who ultimately spend the rest of the ride trying to establish who keeps the lead. Pick your persona and ride!

Section 1: Prelude to a Climb (3.5 minutes)
The terrain flattens out a bit as we traverse a nice flat section through the trees from Cluses to Tangines. While the last climb was not very steep, it did provide an early challenge and knowing what lies ahead the group just enjoys the scenery before the serious work begins.

Section 2: Proper Introductions (19 minutes)
Triathlon Europe holds a club ride to remind everyone about the team tryouts happening over the next 2 days. This segment is perfectly suited to ride at almost any level due to its very slight but continuous grade. Consequently, it is perfect for warming up without putting too many demands on the rider, yet challenging to set the tone for the day.

Section 3: Who Wants to Play (12 minutes)
We head out of the valley, up towards the Col de Ramez and on to Ligey. While this was supposed to be just a friendly club ride in advance of the team tri-outs, this section drew out the first hammer-head of the group, determined to make his mark. Little did he know that this effort was not going to be a simple show of force, as he is quickly chased by a rider determined to bridge the gap.

Section 4: Still Friends (7 minutes)
While no one likes to get caught in a break-away, it?s at least a consolation when the one who catches you is one of your training buddies. The next seven minutes allow for a bit of recovery while still maintaining a strong cadence and significant speed through a simple 4% graded section of this climb.

Section 5: Catch Me If You Can (8 minutes) 
After the last friendly seven minutes, the ride must have been getting just a bit too polite, as the chaser becomes the punisher. Finding a section that resembles the nice flat to mild grades of a typical time trial, our two lead riders go at it again, providing an outstanding finish to a most beautiful ride.

Bonus Section: Pilates for TriAthletes
Cyclists know how important a strong core is for both comfort and performance on the bike. The key to eliminating back, shoulder and neck pain is to develop a strong core. As a bonus, an extra 30-minute pilates section follows the cycling in "Club Ride in France."

Coaching Tracks
Since the first DVD made in Hawaii, Global Ride has been providing coaches from all over the world to help you get the most out of these virtual rides. Each coach having their own style and objectives. With the France series you can ride to the DVD's Featured Coach, Fiona Ford, a British Triathlon coach, National Championship and International Gold medallist for World & European Triathlon, Aquathlon & Duathlons.

This DVD also explores a bit of role-playing to help transport the rider into the scene both mentally and visually. For a different coaching track, Gene Nacey & Tom Scotto play two coaches out for a ride with their students, each vying for open spots with Triathlon Europe.

Music By:
Phil Hiett featuring Sapphira Kelly
Jeff Alford
54 featuring Lawson
DJ Mozy
Shwarz & Funk
Groove State