DVD Boxed Sets: France Series Boxed Set
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Price: $74.95


This box set is the complete France Series of DVDs.  You can ride to the structured coaching of world triathlon champion Fiona Ford or join Gene & Tom for the first ever Team Coaching for Global Ride. The new approach offers a unique story line that flows from one DVD to the next.  

Bonus Features In The France Series:

 Three different 30 minute bonus workouts:Pilates, Yoga & Strength Training for cyclists & triathletes                      
 Multiple coaching & the bonus cross training make 9 workouts for the box set                      
 The box set gives you the biggest bang for the buck, and you get a cool collector's box making it an ideal gift.               
This Series Includes The Following DVDs
 Club Ride in France                     
Paceline Cycling in France                    
 TDF (Tour De France) Climbing in France