DVD Boxed Sets: Italy Series Boxed Set
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Price: $74.95


This collectors box set of Italy Rides exploited the power of High Definition with the combination of amazing architecture and mountain vistas.  This set follows the original Italy series with more Yoga, Pilates and Strength Training to give you the 30 minutes of cross training so often neglected by the average cyclist.

Notables In The Italy Series:

 Within just 2 months of its release, this series garnered 12 unsolicited 5 star reviews on Amazon                    
 Includes our first "Urban" riding DVD to highlight the amazing architecture and culture of Italy                    
 Follow up Yoga, Pilates & Strength Training                   
 Three coaching tracks on each DVD, making for 15 different workouts in all!                   

This Series Includes The Following DVDs
 Speed & Power in Italy                    
 Climbing Sufferage in Italy
 Urban Assault in Italy