DVD Boxed Sets: Hawaii Series: #1 - Big Island Rides 
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Price: $59.95


Reshooting our Hawaii Series reflects the move from SD to HD quality of filming with 3 times the number of cameras as well as our latest real-time audio captured by our riding coaches as well.

This Series Includes The Following DVDs
Big Island, Big Climb
Big Island, Big Ride
Big Island, Big Ocean View

New Additions In The Hawaii Series 
  • On-the Road coaching instead of voice overs after the fact   
  • Class Builder Profiles displayed 
  • Additional live coaching track on each DVD
  • HD Quality

This series introduces ride profiles generated from the newest teaching tool for Indoor Cycling Instructors; Class Builder. Ride segment objectives, Cadence (RPM), and Heart Zone (Intensity) are displayed. 

 For details about each DVD, read the details on their respective pages. 
This clearly gives you the biggest bang for the buck, and you get a cool collector's box making it an ideal gift.