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Big Island, Big Ocean View in Hawaii
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This DVD is a perfect example of the varied climates and terrain of the Big Island. We start on we roads through a lush rain forest where the group is able to stay together, only to finish on a wide open climb with clear views of the ocean across vast golden fields.

After a perfect warm-up along the old highway through a dense rain forest, we break out into the sunshine to face a mild but steady climb overlooking the deep blue coastal waters of the Big Island. The cross winds on this ride make for some unbelievable footage..

Segments:  Warmup, Right as Rain, The Big Lean, Cool down

Section 1: Right as Rain
Segment terrain: Flat, short hills
Run time: 19 minutes
This section of road was considered the Highway before the island became one of the top vacation spots in the world. Now this rain forest area that follows the coastline only sees traffic from those who are looking for something off the beaten path of the main attractions. As such it made the prefect warm up for our first climb of the trip. While mostly flat, it also contains a few small hills to help get the legs their final priming. 

Section 2: The Big Lean
Segment terrain: Steady moderate climbing
Run time: 31 minutes
We predict this 31 minute climb will quickly become a favorite of Global Ride fans everywhere. Aside from some killer views while ascending this newly paved road, you will find a little of every time of riding here represented by the way the group ultimately breaks a part into their own style and rhythm of climbing.

There is also a very nice section during the climb where Tom teaches one of the new riders how to add gears before they stand to establish stability and rhythm out of the saddle. Beginners and Intermediates will benefit from the instruction, and advanced riders will witness a good example of how to help the newer riders.

As a bit of a bizarre bonus, we experience a cross wind during the climb that at times seems hardly possible (thus the title The Big Lean.) While you may not be able to simulate it at home, it does make a compelling visual. 

Featured Coaches:
Gene Nacey's vision for creating great coaching audio tracks for great virtual rides led to the recruitment and ultimate partnership with Tom Scotto. Both are accomplished cyclists, USA Cycling Elite level coaches, and consummate Indoor Cycling instructors.

Featured Sponsor:
Cycling Fusion has incorporated the Global Ride Virtual Cycling rides into the vast majority of their educational workshops and Indoor Cycling classes.Cycling Fusion has incorporated the Global Ride Virtual Cycling rides into the vast majority of their educational workshops and Indoor Cycling classes.

Music By:
Ayiesha Woods
Green Lab
Oliver Smith
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