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When we saw that Lance Armstrong used this route for training, we just had to check it out - it produced the most fun run of the series. Lance called the old Mamalahoa Highway One of the top 5 finest roads I've ridden. A must see.

It took us 3 tries to get to this remote highway.  It was off the beaten path, in an area that was partially a rain forest, and yet we knew it had quite a reputation for being an ideal road for training.  We think you will agree that it was well worth the wait and the extra effort.

Segments:  Warmup, Pre-climb pacing, The Big Climb, Cool down

Section 1: Pre-climb pacing
Even though you will see the road tip up as soon as the warmup is over, it lasts less than 2 minutes and you are back on a flat road spinning the legs and getting ready for the big climb..

Section 2: The Big Climb
This climb represents the largest single climb yet produced by Global Ride.  Our 32 minute climb on Italys Climbing Sufferage was previously the longest, but this climb is 48 glorious minutes.  There is a lot to gain from this climb. The early sections represent a gradual but steady build up. The middle section starts to establish a sense of who is going to turn up the heat, and who is going to let it go. The final section adds speed to the equation because the steady climb gives way to some amazing rollers. By the end, the sense of exhilaration is felt by every rider.

Coaching Tracks
Re-shooting our Hawaii Series reflects the move from SD to HD quality of filming with 3 Times the number of cameras as well as our latest real-time audio captured by our riding coaches as well. 

With the Hawaii Series we now have two USA Elite Level coaches micd and coaching the group, with specific references and guidance for the indoor rider as well.

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Gene Nacey is the founder of Global Ride Productions & Cycling Fusion, and is a certified USA Cycling coach, and author of Power Training for Indoor Cycling. Cycling Fusion has incorporated the Global Ride Virtual Cycling rides into the vast majority of their educational workshops and Indoor Cycling classes.

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