DVD Boxed Sets: Spain Series Boxed Set
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Price: $74.95


This collectors box set of Spain Rides creates new standards for even The Global Ride series.  This set is packed with new features, multiple class configurations for group rides, and brand new music that continues to get rave reviews.

New Additions In The Spain Series:

 Multiple Indoor Cycling classes configured on each DVD                    
 On-the Road coaching instead of voice overs after the fact                    
 Long awaited dashboard with Profile and Playlist                    
 over 2.5 hours of additional BONUS virtual cycling rides (5.5 hours of riding in all)                   
 At least 2 separately coached tracks on each DVD including a LIVE class recording                   

This Series Includes The Following DVDs
 Climbing & Cruising in Spain                    
 Big Ring Bonanza in Spain
 Power & Endurance in Spain