Spain Series Virtual Cycling DVDs: Big Ring Bonanza
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Global Ride: Big Ring Bonanza in Spain from Cycling Fusion on Vimeo.

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Big Ring Bonanza is for some, a climbers delight, and for others it's an ideal training video. Any rider who needs to find a way to improve their climbing, should find this video a perfect blend of muscular endurance and strength building terrain. The climbs here are both instructive for indoor training as well as outdoor riding. The coaching and dialog on Big Ring Bonanza was recorded LIVE while our coach Tom Scotto was riding outside.? You will find this helpful to both the outdoor cyclist as well as the indoor instructor, for understand key techniques for training your legs as well as climbing as a skill.

While DVD #1 in the Spain series is perfect for Intermediates, the muscular endurance and pedal stroke drills that are ideal for this ride will lend themselves to easy modifications for every level of rider. ?Now for the first time in an international series... 90 minutes of riding for the same standard price.

Advanced Ride (60 min)
Section 1: Big Ring or Bust (23 minutes)
After just 5 minutes of warm-up, you start a long section that will soon turn upward, yet only with a 4 to 6 percent grade. ?Consequently, our On-The-Road coaches, Tom Scotto & Gene Nacey decide to work on muscular strength by committing themselves to stay in the big ring for the entire 22 minute climb.

Section 2:?Feeling The Need For Speed (13 minutes)
After that big ring buster, you'll find this 12 minute section a much needed leg-restorer. ?With much higher cadence and speed, this section was made for those of us that like to go fast.?

Section 3:?Big Ring Bashing (16 minutes)
Our coaches Tom & Gene discuss the other side of training with the big ring, this time for working on muscular endurance; the little brother to muscular strength. After a few rollers through the beautiful canyon walls outside of Rhonda, they settle into a mild but brisk?15 minutes of?climbing of an?unrelenting?3 to 4 percent grade.?

Intermediate Ride (45 min)
Section 1: Flat & Happy?
After just 6 minutes or so of sweet flat riding, the road kicks up just one or two percent, which is just enough for Tom to increase the pace and see who wants to come with him. ?Nina answers the call and the two of them slowly but steadily pull away from the group for a great warmup climb.

Section 2: Rambunctious Rollers?
Grazalema Natural Park offered perhaps the best series of rollers Global Ride Productions has seen since the original Maui Rollers DVD. ?This section is the perfect sequence of work, recover, cruise and repeat.

Class Selections:
60 Minute (ideal for intermediate/advanced classes)
45 Minute (ideal for beginner/intermediate classes)

Coaching Tracks
Since the first DVD made in Hawaii, Global Ride has been providing coaches from all over the world to help you get the most out of these virtual rides. Each coach having their own style and objectives. With the Spain series we have taken that to the next level with our "On The Road" Coaching feature. USA Cycling Elite coach Tom Scotto is mic'd while he is on the road, providing specific coaching objectives to the indoor rider at home or in the health club. Listen to him interact and help riders as well as providing specific instruction for the intended audience, YOU!

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