Spain Series Virtual Cycling DVDs: Climbing and Cruising in Spain
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Climbing and Cruising in Spain from Global Ride Productions from Cycling Fusion on Vimeo.

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While DVD #1 in the Spain series is perfect for Intermediates, the muscular endurance and pedal stroke drills that are ideal for this ride will lend themselves to easy modifications for every level of rider. ?Now for the first time in an international series... 90 minutes of riding for the same standard price.

Section 1: Climbing Through Town?(18 minutes)
After a lazy warmup in the Spain countryside, we find ourselves at the base of a "wall". ?This short but steep hill is at the bottom of a little town called Ardale. ?We slowly come up out of the saddle and negotiate the 16% grade to the central part of town. ?From there, we slide through some narrow streets and come out on the other side of town to a nice preview of climbs to come.

Section 2: Climbing Away (10 minutes)
Classify this one under the category of "Cruisin". ?While we called it "climbing away", it was the initial cruising at serious speeds that set up this nice fast paced climb up a slight but relentless grade. ?That grade becomes steeper, and Tom and our guide begin to shed riders as they keep their pace all the way to the lunch spot.

Section 3: Climbing To Cadence Work (6 minutes)
This short 6 minute segment starts with a very short but semi-steep section of climbing where the reward is a very nice series of rollers on a sweetly twisted road that allows us to get our high cadence on.

Section 5: Climbing To The Canyon (16 minutes)
Four of us start out on a nice gentle climb, this time with some welcome tree cover as we head into the Canyons. ?Before too long, Tom and our guide Allesandro begin to get the itch to turn up the heat. ?With Alle being a climber, and Tom being a sprinter, it makes for an challenging ride to stay with the leaders.

BONUS Section: Climbing With Purpose?
Both Muscular Endurance and Strength work is done during a 35min climb that might be the best single climb shot of any of the Spain footage.? This climb offers intermediate to advanced terrain, ranging from 6% to 10% during a very hot and sunny day in Southern Spain.? The views along this cliffside climb are as beautiful as the terrain is challenging.

Class Selections:
60 Minute (ideal for intermediate/advanced classes)
45 Minute (ideal for beginner/intermediate classes)

Coaching Tracks
Since the first DVD made in Hawaii, Global Ride has been providing coaches from all over the world to help you get the most out of these virtual rides. Each coach having their own style and objectives. With the Spain series we have taken that to the next level with our "On The Road" Coaching feature. USA Cycling Elite coach Tom Scotto is mic'd while he is on the road, providing specific coaching objectives to the indoor rider at home or in the health club. Listen to him interact and help riders as well as providing specific instruction for the intended audience, YOU!

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