Spain Series Virtual Cycling DVDs: Power and Endurance in Spain
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Power & Endurance In Spain - Trailer from Cycling Fusion on Vimeo.

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This DVD hits the sweet spot for Intermediate riders. The climbing is long but not steep and the cruising will encourage a variety of pedal stroke drills. DVD #3 in the Spain series is ideal for Intermediate and Advanced Riders. For those who train with power, it is perfectly setup for the ever-telling 2 X 20 Power Tests. While this has been a feature of all our DVDs since the Italy series, this time we have built in a full 30 minutes of warmup time!

Section 1: The Open Road?(8 minutes)
We all start out together on a flat stretch of road, only to soon be hit with a small hill to let us stretch our legs. Halfway through this segment we turn left to our first mild climb of the day.

Section 2: Lovin' The Lake?(9 minutes)
Some of the best rolling terrain we will see in Spain is this sweet little 9 minute section around one of the three dams that make up a very popular vacation destination.

Section 3: The Great Escape?(8.5 minutes)
Flat to mildly pitched, (2% to 4%) this section gives us just the right combination of speed and gravity to provoke some attacking moves or intervals to get us ready for the serious efforts still ahead of us.?

Section 4: Dam Right Recovery (5 minutes)
This is an idealic area for some active recovery; flat, scenic and serene. ?As we tool through this areas, we can see why this is such a popular area for day trips and vacations.

Section 5: Speed & Power Played Perfectly?(20 minutes)
The first 13 minutes of this section is incredibly fast over some absolute mega rollers, with amazing scenery on every side. The final 7 minutes however, takes us off the speed train, and onto a nice rural climb with a 7% to 10% grade

Section 6: Resplendent Recovery (Bonus)?5 minutes
Grazalema is possibly the prettiest little mountain town we visited in Spain. While this is still a slight climb into town, and a mild grade riding above the town, it?s an ideal recovery section.

Section 7: Rock & Power (Bonus)?20 minutes
Together with the previous 20 min section ?Speed & Power Perfectly Played? this section is designed to help the rider complete a good 2 X 20 power workout. This is a long steady ciimb with a few riders giving us just the right motivation to stay steady and finish strong.

Bonus Section: Additional Riding & Group Indoor Cycling Class Configurations
Consistent with all Global Ride DVDs, we provide a bonus section to add value to every purchase. With the Spain series we have recognized the impact Global Ride has had on cycling studios and health clubs as more and more commercial establishments add a projector and screen to their cycling or Spinning? rooms. That's why you will find three class configurations on the DVD:?
Class Selections:
90 Minute (ideal for advanced classes)
60 Minute (ideal for intermediate classes)
30 Minute (ideal for beginner classes)

Coaching Tracks
Since the first DVD made in Hawaii, Global Ride has been providing coaches from all over the world to help you get the most out of these virtual rides. Each coach having their own style and objectives. With the Spain series we have taken that to the next level with our "On The Road" Coaching feature. USA Cycling Elite coach Tom Scotto is mic'd while he is on the road, providing specific coaching objectives to the indoor rider at home or in the health club. Listen to him interact and help riders as well as providing specific instruction for the intended audience, YOU!

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