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This DVD combines the elements of a strength ride (one that puts the emphasis on climbing and leg strength), and an endurance ride (one that puts more emphasis on heart rate training and consistency). Each section has a unique flavor, yet each one seamlessly merges into one complete kickin' workout.

Training on Tantalus (8 minutes)
We are on the island of Oahu. This is the longest continuous climb on this island ? over 4 miles from the point where we start filming the DVD. This is used for time trial races each year on the island, and is very popular among both cyclists and runners for training. At least once or twice you can see Diamond Head (a famous land mark) in the background looming above Waikiki. We ride just a portion of this as a nice steady climb to get us at the destination heart zone for the next Endurance section.

Leaving Lahaina (21 minutes)
This road starts just outside of the port town of Lahaina on the island of Maui. This follows so close to the ocean, you can almost feel the spray of the crashing waves at times. We ride a very nice wide bike lane for quite a while, over flat terrain as an endurance or ?steady state? ride, then the road turns into a series of rolling hills as this ride segment nears its end. The last third of the ride feature rolling hills ? small cliffs which provide to scenic overlook to the ocean. It?s a good thing these rollers are introduced here because our last section is almost pure climbing, with a few downhill/flat sections for recovery.

Maui Cliff Climbing (15 minutes)
The last riding section of StrenDurance Hawaii is almost pure climbing ? clearly steeper climbing requiring significantly more leg work. After a short flat we find ourselves climbing a series of hills that reward us almost every time with some spectacular views. This section tops off our ride with much harder work than we experienced through the first two sections, over narrow roads that rental cars are not permitted to frequent because of how remote the area is, and how narrow the roads are. Hence, we hardly ever see any traffic, as if they cleared the road just for us.

There is also a bonus 30-minute Strength Training for Cyclists workout on this DVD!

Live Track: Recorded at Pedal Spin Studio in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Audio Tracks:
Andy HunterTo Life, To Love
Andy HunterThe Wonders of You
Andy HunterGo
Andy Hunter Strange Dream
Andy HunterAmazing
Andy HunterAlive
Johannes Linstead and Nicholas Gunn Costa De La Luz
Johannes Linstead and Nicholas Gunn Morning Star

Contributing Coaches:
Sally Edwards
Max Zambiasi
Matty Reed