Italy series virtual cycling DVDs: Urban Assault DVD
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This DVD offers both flexibility and challenge to any cyclists, at any level. The entire workout is 1 hour long. The warm up and cool down are each only 3 minutes, so there?s not a lot of time for chit chatting. After an 8 minute set of flats and slight grades over looking the Ligurian coast, you are faced with the first of 2 twenty minute climbs that can be approached as either a 2 X 20 Power workout, or as a dual Steady State or Tempo ride with a 6 minute recover section between them. You set the agenda, and let the cities of Sori, Rapallo, Portofino and Camogli set the scenes. Unlike previous Global Ride DVDs shot in predominantly quiet rural areas, this DVD is shot right in the heart of these beautiful coastal cities, showing off both their architecture as well as their unique footprint along the coastlines they define.

Ideally suited for power training, this DVD takes you high above some of the most beautiful coastlines of Italy.

Warmup to a short video from the film crew stumbling on to a local bike race and Italian festival in Verona, Italy. Get a taste of the "local life" and the community atmosphere of the Italian people.

Section 1: Soaring Over Sori (7 minutes)
While we are in the city, we are also on the coastline. Be prepared for some steady, but mild climbing while being treated to some awesome views of the ocean along the north west coast of Italy. You should be feeling pretty good by the end of this section, and ready to take on the first 20 minute climb.

Section 2: Rapallo to Ruta (19 minutes)
Once again, you are treated to a couple minutes of flats before the road turns upward. As we weave our way through the streets, already busy in the early morning, we are finding our rhythm, gear ratio (or resistance) and cadence to ?settle in? for the long climb ahead. Headed away from the ocean this time, we are treated to views across valleys and along the steep residential roadway to the hillside town of Ruta.

Section 3: Peaceful Portofino (6 minutes)
A bit of recovery is now well deserved, and where better to do it than along the ocean, through one of Italy?s top destination vacation spots; Portofino. Here we see a glimpse of the playground for the rich and famous, on our very economical 2 wheels.

Section 4: Climbing Camogli (20 minutes)
The second 20 minute climb starts at the break of dawn, as the city ?wakes up?. Shop keepers are getting ready for the day, locals are starting out to work, and our riders are facing a long climb with less warm up than those lucky enough to be watching this DVD. This will be the ?final assault? in our exploration of urban landscape and coastline views, but well worth our build up to get here. The final selection of rock music has been carefully selected to give you all the energy and motivation you?ll need to finish strong!

A photo montage of the Giretto d'Italia held in the same year, on some of the same roads. This was a first time ever Livestrong fund raising event for advanced & competitive cyclists who rode ahead of the pros in Lance's first Tour of Italy.

Featured Coach: Phil Gaimon, 3rd year professional cyclist, 2 time winner of the Mt. Washington climb

This DVD also features a 30-minute bonus Stability Ball Training for Cyclists section.

Music by:
Manny Corallo
DJ Mozy
Jeff Alford
Staedler & Waldorf