Italy series virtual cycling DVDs: Climbing Sufferage DVD
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Enjoy short video clips of magnificent cathedrals and artistry of Italy. Follow that with an extended warm up climb on the Time Trial route of the 2009 Giro d?Italia. The middle climb represents the longest climb in Global Ride DVD history ? 30 solid mountain minutes. Finally top off those legs in Switchback hell. Steep and relentless. The cooldown to behind the scenes pics will give an easy finish to one kick a** ride.

Climb on the same road as the 2009 Tour of Italy, Stage 12, that Lance Armstrong called EPIC & Breathtaking.

Enjoy short video clips of some of the magnificent churches and statues of Italy. The sense of reverence and awe that must have accompanied the artisans of the time seem to come through in the architecture and passion of both the buildings as well as the sculptures.

Section 1: Passo del Giro (11 minutes)
Consider these mild rollers and flats the extended warmup. The next two sections require your best climbing legs, and thus the reason this title is called Climbing Suffrage in Italy. For this segment though, you will need to get your heart rate up, and your game face on. This section of road also goes directly over the same roads as stage 12 of the 2009 Tour of Italy (Giro d'Italia), where they held the longest (and one of the most difficult) time trials in pro cycling history. Both Lance Armstrong and Levi Leipheimer tweeted on the internet about how EPIC the ride was, and how beautiful the scenery and views were.

Section 2: Pignone to Paradise (30.5 minutes)
This climb is the longest continuous climb so far on any Global Ride virtual cycling DVD. It will be 30 minutes of climbing at a variable grade from about 5% to 10%, but all with a strong steady speed and cadence. This will test your legs and your will to not let up. The road offers no relief until you get to a view of the Ligurian coast - a spectacular sight well worth the suffrage to get there.

Section 3: Sweet Switchbacks (9 minutes)
If the last 30 minute climb wasn't enough, this beauty is bound to send you to the red zone. Over considerably steeper terrain, each switchback is a reminder that we are no longer on a gradual climb, but one that requires much more leg strength and much higher heart rates. Come and help chase down the leader who, while on the same team, is just in front enough to make us work our tails off to stay on his wheel.

A photo montage of behind the scenes activities of the filming & riding crew while on location in Italy. Use it for inspiration to encourage riders to train for something tangible and specific ? like an epic cycling vacation in Italy!

Featured Coach: Sally Edwards, 16-time Ironman finisher, member of the Triathlon Hall of Fame, author of 20+ books and 500 articles on health and fitness

This DVD also features a 30-minute bonus Yoga for cyclists section.

Music by:
Vincent Nigro
Jason Sean
Day of Fire
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