Italy series virtual cycling DVDs: Speed and Power DVD
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The mild climbs and flats in this DVD make it ideal for a transitional type of rider - the rider who is starting to leave the ranks of the beginner and move into intermediate territory or the intermediate rider who is pushing harder to become advanced or even to race. Cruising through or crushing a 20 min power test - are equally valid ways to ride to this footage.                      

Section 1: Blasting Through Bracco (12 minutes)
Mild grades, flat sections, and ridge line views of the Ligurian Coast help complete the warm-up started in Venice. At around the 10 minute mark you can begin to feel the speed and intent for the day. This is going to be fast ride today.

Section 2: Bracco Tunnels (4 minutes)
We bring our speed of the last section into another steady climb which reaches a set of flat sections, each strung together by a set of tunnels and more beautiful views of the ocean.

Section 3: River Running (22 minutes) 
Through the magic of video, we are transported some 400 km away to Valstagna, in the Bassano del Grappa region, where we pick up a couple more riders, one by design, and one who just decided to join in on the fun. We continue the speed theme through all the little sleepy towns situated on the banks of the River Brenta. Flat to slight rolling terrain may be well suited to a nice recovery ride, but the pace set at the front will make you think twice about taking it easy.

Section 4: Rockin to Rocca (10 minutes)
Consider the first 45 minutes one long warm-up to this final challenge. No matter how hard you?ve been working, this section will require just a bit more grit and determination. As we approach a popular climbing route for both local mountain bikers and roadies alike, we are presented with a couple of human ?carrots? already on the climb. Our objective now is to catch them, and put the hammer down so we maintain our lead to the top of the climb. Words to the final song say ?Now I am unbreakable, it?s unmistakable, no one can touch me, no one can stop me!?? providing just the motivation to push us to a strong finish.

This DVD also features a 30-minute bonus Pilates for cyclists section. When you own both "Oceanside Ride" and "Speed & Power in Italy" you will have a full hour of Pilates for Cyclists workouts.

Music by:
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Photos from the filming of Global Ride's Italy Series: