We Spin The Best Music

Music is an essential part of indoor cycling. It's impact has even been validated in university researh studies. Typical music found in cycling videos has been, shall we say, "wanting". In fact, it's not unusual for a DVD producer to recommend you turn their music down and listen to your own. In our way of thinking though, that's a cop-out. Global Ride uses only high-quality, energetic, fully licensed commercial music from established artists and reputable publishers; most of whom are listed below. I say "most" because we are constantly recruiting new artists and publishers to keep the music fresh.

"Just as the difference between exercising and training is "purpose", we find the same answer applies to the difference between "cycling videos" and "Virtual Cycling". It's a matter of shooting and editing with definite purpose, and knowing everything from the tracks selected to the song's BPM will impact the end product".

For example music can sound "fast" even with the BPM is not very high. The sound and feel of the music must be consistent and conducive to fostering the feel of each riding segment. In addition, especially during the longer or steeper climbs, we often have opportunities to match the riders cadence to the beat of the music. It takes minor tweaks to either video or audio to make a big difference for a big ride.

If you've never ridden with your pedal speed matching the rhythm of the music, you are in for a real treat. However, even beat matching doesn't tell the whole story about what we do with music and our videos. There are multiple opportunities in this beautiful intersection of the emotion in music to match the physical challenges or requirements of the ride; rising creshendos with finishing climbs or music lyrics that motivate and drive riders during the more tougher sections are just two examples of how we put this to use. Granted, this is not possible in all situations, and in fact, could get over-used if one is not balanced and mindful. Suffice it to say, we spend as much time editing our audio to enhance the riding, as we do with our video, to bring you just the right mix for an entirely original experience.