Praise and Feedback

Praise and feedback for Global Ride Virtual Cycling DVDs:

Direct Links to Global Ride product reviews:
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Exerpts from the above reviews:
"Just wanted to let you know that the StrenDurance DVD arrived last week and last night I had a chance to watch it. Of all the DVDs I have gone through so far, this is one of the best. I thought the music was very good, and I think having a strength training program after the cooldown from the ride is very innovative and adds a great deal to the program."
- Leslie Reissner,
"The 50ish minute ride covers a nice climb, a good flat bit near the ocean, and then some rolling hills before concluding with a pleasant warm down. You can really push yourself hard on this DVD, and the more familiar you get with the footage, the better the workout gets."
- David McQuillen,
"I would like to thank you for creating the Hawaii DVD series. I am a preventive medicine physician in private practice in Atlanta ( I use the DVDs daily for an hour (530 am-630 am every day) as part of my indoor cycling fitness program. They have been invaluable to me. I love the variety- with or without music, three coaches per DVD and a live spinning class option. The possibilities are endless... I am recommending this approach to fitness and the DVD series to all of my patients. I can't wait to purchase the Italy DVD series... Keep up the excellent work and know that you are making a difference in the life of everyone who uses these DVDs to improve their health and fitness."
- Ana Casas, M.D.,
"I would recommend these DVDs to a cyclist who find themselves riding inside due to weather or schedule. I really dig the P.O.V.. and enjoyed it WAY more than any other spinning video I've tried."
- Jason, The Soiled Chamois
"It’s easy to let your mind wander when you’re on a trainer staring at a wall or some TV show… but not with Global Ride. The first person perspective of climbing the cliff side roads of Maui or testing your endurance along the ocean roads below makes the ride entertaining."
Donald Jones, Donald's Daily Draft
"The video gives you a perfect example of what riding outside is like."
- Kala Markel, Kala Spins
"I truly enjoyed all three videos; they were all different. I look forward to changing them up a bit by trying different coaches!"
- Stacy, Dare to Tri
"It’s one of those DVD sets that you’ll watch over and over again."
- Les Faber, Cyclemania
"There are times when you just want to hop on the saddle and go for a ride. This product fills in that need for me."
- Stephan Meyer, ActiveSteve
"These videos were inspirational enough to look into a bike tour on the islands!"
- Greg Keller, Mud And Cowbells
"If you are a cyclist, a recreational rider or even a racer, these DVD’s are perfect for your home gym."
- Rachel Mickelson, Fitness For Mommies
"As they come in a package of three, there are lots of choices and great rides to keep anyone motivated during the winter months and rainy days."
- Alberto Rego, AMR Cycling
"If you are like me and regularly have indoor training sessions you will probably find the Global Ride DVDs a good addition to your library."
- Chris Bennett, Chris Bennett's Triathlon Blog
"Views of Hawaii while riding are definitely a change from watching rider's asses or seeing people sitting on the trainer in a workout room with occasional shots of the chainring on the rear hub. Any indoor training video gets old to me, some faster than others, but these are a nice change to the usual suspects and done very professionally."
- Scott DeLeeuw, Bike Lemming
"The music was excellent! It all comes from real artists and doesn't have that canned studio sound you get with other workout DVDs."
- Lee Alderman, Lee's Life Adventure
"I think these "indoor rides" are perfect for anyone who enjoys a cycling work-out indoors."
- Caroline Bennett, SpinFreak
"Overall I give these videos a solid arm-up for quality, value, and uniqueness. There are a lot of training videos, but not many that can offer what Global Ride has packaged here."
- Keith Gates, Commuter Dude
"All-in-all, an INCREDIBLE value for the cycling enthusiast. You want to make sure you add this to your list of “things to buy” in the near future."
- Patrick MacNamara, Road Cycling Blog
"The perfect DVD collection for those of us who must escape the soaring Texas temps and can't afford those high dollar gym memberships or coaches that cater to cyclists specifically."
- Jen, MTB Law Girl
"If you want a cycling workout that will really grab your attention and get you motivated and involved, this would be a very good choice for you."
- Clare, Cabarete Blog
"Global Ride has scored a hit for all of us who train indoors on rainy days or in the winter."
- Nyall, Canadian Cycling Blog
"I highly recommend this product if you want to improve and forget about the winter in the offseason."
"This training program makes great sense when you realize how bike gears can work for your advantage in cycling."
- Joy, Home and Away
"The concept behind the DVD’s is great."
- Cycle Krazy
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