Global Ride DVDs are not only designed for home use, but are perfect for large group instruction in fitness facilities. With the ability to turn the on-disc audio coaching off completely, Spinning® and indoor cycling instructors can coach their classes through the ride live. This brings a fantastic new dynamic to the indoor cycling experience. It helps encourage outdoor riders to come inside, because they can still be "outside." It also encourages indoor riders to get out and taste the real thing. And most importantly, it gives people a break from their traditional indoor cycling routine.


See our blog or our YouTube channel for a collection of videos filmed during our nationwide tour. They show Spinning® and Indoor Cycling facilities of all shapes and sizes using Global Ride DVDs during their classes. The response was fantastic.

Coming in at just under an hour long, with warmup and cooldown built in, our DVDs are the perfect length and structure for class use. Click for a news release about using them in group settings.

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