Our Company

Global Ride started as a local Spinning, yoga and pilates club in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded by entrepreneur and long time cyclist Gene Nacey, the Global Ride name was chosen to reflect a mission born from the detachment that exists between the indoor and outdoor worlds of cycling. Most outdoor cyclists see indoor cycling as a sub-par method of training, as well as an extremely boring alternative to true cycling. On the other hand, most indoor cyclists have no desire to brave the elements and go outside to ride a real bike. The Global Ride team wanted to create a means for these two groups to see the benefit of the other and cool the animosity between them. They saw video as the perfect means to do this.

Thus, the Global Ride Video Productions enterprise was formed. The idea was to create the highest quality virtual cycling DVD on the market. Previous encounters with virtual cycling DVDs and feedback about other products had been relatively negative - there simply existed no product that truly captured accurate cycling principles, a real feeling of being on the road and appropriate instruction. Global Ride changed all that by filming high-quality international scenes using honest cycling training methods, paired it with multiple coaching tracks from international coaches and industry leaders, layered it with upbeat, commercial music and topped it all off with bonus yoga, pilates or strength training sessions on every DVD.

The product was demonstrated on a nationwide tour and the feedback has been wonderful. Video really could be the next big trend in indoor cycling, and Global Ride is proud to be on the forefront of a cycling movement.