ON-The-ROad CoachING

Every Global Ride virtual cycling DVD contains multiple coaching tracks provided by cyclists and industry leaders from around the world. With the release of the Spain Series we added yet one more twist to this. We decided to bring the coach along with us for the filming and mic him as he coaches LIVE - we call this "On-The-Road" coaching.

Get Coached, Get Connected

For the Spain shoot, we put a mic on Coach Tom Scotto (USA Cycling Elite Level Coach, and Director of Education at Cycling Fusion), as he rode with the group. The results were surprising and inspiring at the same time. We not only picked up his voice more clearly than we thought possible, but we also got some of the unique conversation that happens between a coach and his / her student. This started to become more than just another way to record coaching, it became another way to make it more "real", to keep the riders watching the video more "connected" to the ride and the riders on screen.Ā 


Tom Scotto

Tom is an elite level certified USA Cycling coach and competitive cyclist who works with athletes and teams of all levels and continues to compete in events around the New England area. Tom is also a business partner and director of education and sportif for Cycling FusionĀ®. He is a passionate educator and presenter in the health and fitness industry, teaching cycling-related workshops on threshold training, biomechanics, core conditioning, muscle fascia release and indoor cycling instructor certification.

Watch How This Feature Grows!

As with everything we do at Global Ride, we will not be satisfied to just record one coach. We have already mic'd both Tom and our founder Gino as they ride and discuss the different training and terrain that best accomodates it. We will continue to push the envelope on our sound and coaching to bring the best experience possible to your indoor training.

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